Honeymoonin’ in Greece

For as long as I can remember, Greece has always been on my bucket list. When my girlfriends and I would plan our travel, Greece would come up, and I would always say that I was saving it for my honeymoon (even though I wasn’t even engaged). I’m sure my friends would roll their eyes lol, but I am a firm believer of putting things into the universe. Sure enough, 5-6 years later, I was able to live my dream of celebrating my honeymoon in beautiful Greece.

If I’m honest, I started planning wish lists on online shopping websites YEARS before it was even a possibility or a plan for me to go. It was so fun to shop for Greece! I wanted to do bright colors to stand out against the white & blue backdrop. I ordered the majority of my ensembles from Lulus. They are my go-to for cute, unique, vacation, as well as everyday pieces.

‘Mr & Mrs’ Headed out on our honeymoon

The first stop on our honeymoon was Athens, Greece, where we had a short stop before we made our way to Santorini. We explored for a little, and had dinner at a cute spot right in the center of Athens called Azzuro Cafe. That night, we took a ($30) flight from Athens to Santorini, Greece. Fun Fact: We did our entire honeymoon for a little over $1k. We actually rarely spend over 1k on our trips (I will do a separate blog on this later).

One of the best parts about our honeymoon, was that my best friend was actually on her honeymoon at the same time. They were already in Santorini when we arrived. When we got to the teeny tiny airport in Santorini, we were greeted by my bestie holding up a hand-made sign that read “The Browns”. I loved it. Especially since it was the first time seeing our name written out. My bestie and her hubby then drove us to our resort, the Andromeda Villa & Spa. (We paid $389 for 3 nights). As we walked down the stairs into the resort, it instantly took my breath away. The views were incredible, even at night! I couldn’t wait to see it in the daylight.


One thing I will say, is that we got to Santorini right as the season was starting, so not all of the resorts were open, and a lot of business were just opening up for the season. This also contributed to the low-cost of everything.  Later on during the trip, we were informed that the best time to come to Greece, is September. The summer months are insanely busy, and everything closes after October.  We heard from multiple people, that in September, the weather is still nice, and it’s not as crowded. During the time we were there (April) things are just opening back up, and it is a bit chilly.



As I have mentioned before, I am OCD, and plan everything out down to the minute. This trip was the first time that we had zero excursions pre-booked. We never do that. Ever. This was mainly due to the fact that I was planning  a wedding, while simultaneously planning the honeymoon.  Most of my time and energy went to the wedding. I did however have a general list of items I wanted us to do, and places to see. It was actually a nice change to do nothing, and relax.


The next day, we met up with my best friend and her hubby, and we ventured out to visit black sand beach. In my research I found a bunch of cute beach bars that I wanted to check out. We drove down the strip of beach, and to our surprise it was empty. Like a ghost town. We drove down a long stretch of deserted beach bars puzzled. We later learned that this was because the season was just starting, so nothing was open yet. We came across literally the only place that was open – restaurant Forty-One. When we entered, the owner instantly greeted us warmly, and offered us shots. Our kinda place. We settled into a cute table outside overlooking the caldera, took our shots, and then the owner gives us a tour. The place is really cool, and even had an old wine cellar inside. The food was impeccable, and the view was breathtaking. I highly recommend visiting, you wont be disappointed.


The scenic views were so gorgeous that we had to have a photo shoot, of course! We dragged our hubbies out to take some photos of us on the black sand beach. It was a such a fun day full of smiles and laughter.


Santorini is picture perfect. Everywhere you look is like a postcard. They have charming shops, restaurants, and the views are incredible.


Enjoying our Resort

The next day we had breakfast at a restaurant that was recommended to us. It was such a  scenic, gorgeous restaurant. It was completely outdoors, with gorgeous flowers, and even had lemon trees! The food was incredible, and we were surprised to find out there was a wine cellar underground that offered wine tasting. We would have done it, but we didn’t have time.



After breakfast, we rented ATVs, and took off to explore the island. My husband and I make it a point to ride ATVs in every country that we travel to.  We had a map, but it didn’t serve us much help. We wandered all around to different beaches, up the hills, and took in all that we could see. It was exhilarating. And cold. And we got lost. But that was part of the fun!

Riding the ATV around the island of Santorini

That night, we had dinner at the famous Sunset Tavern. The restaurant is known for having the best views of the sunset in Oia. It took us a little while to get to the restaurant, as it was on the opposite side of the island from where we were staying. We parked at the top of the hill, and walked down to the restaurant (even the walk had stunning views). We had pre-reserved a table next to the water, since we were told that reservations for this place were recommended. They sat us at a table right on the water. The setting was incredible, and so romantic. I wanted to be adventurous and try out the Octopus, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Nonetheless, we had a very nice dinner, and the restaurant lived up to their name with the most stunning views as the backdrop while we ate.



View of the Sunset from Our Table

The next day, we took a boat to Mykonos, Greece. We took a speed boat, that took a little over 2 hours to get to there. When we arrived a representative from our hotel greeted us at the boat dock, and drove us to our hotel. We stayed at Vencia Boutique Hotel. (We paid $297 for 3 nights) The resort completely took our breath away. The views were incredible!

View of Mykonos from our resort

Mykonos was very different from Santorini. It is considered the “party island”, while Santorini is more laid back, and romantic. We were walking distance from “Little Venice”. Little Venice is the part of Mykonos you see all the Instagram pictures of. It is cobblestoned streets, white walls, and blue doors. It is a maze of cute little boutique shops, homes and restaurants. It was actually designed intentionally as a maze to combat pirates. It was set up, so that the pirates would get lost, and not make it to the main land.

Exploring Mykonos



You don’t have to worry about what you will eat in Mykonos. Every place we went to, whether a little shop, fancy restaurant, or mid size eatery, ALL had amazing food! There are a strip of restaurants that face the water. We ate at one of them called Kadena. When it was time to order, the waiter asked if I would like fresh fish. I asked what type they offered, and he left the table. He came back to the table with a platter of literal freshly caught fish.


This was common at almost every restaurant we went to. While I wanted to partake, hey “while in Rome, right?” it was a little too fresh for me. I stuck to chicken. Everything tasted amazing, so I am sure the fish would have been great.


We continued our explorations through little Venice to the windmills, did a little shopping at the boutiques, then headed back to our hotel.

Little Venice in Mykonos

When we arrived back to our resort, it was right at sunset. We were so enamored with how gorgeous the sunset was, we didn’t make it to our room. Instead we snuggled on the pool deck, and watched the sunset. There are no words to describe the beauty of this sunset.


After a nice dinner at our hotel, we headed back out into little Venice. We wanted to see what the Mykonos nightlife that we heard so much about was like. We settled at a cute little bar called Argo.  It had really good music, and a fun vibe. We were pretty tired from traveling that day, so we didn’t stay long.


The next day, we hung out for a while at the pool, before heading back into town.

Infinity Pool at our Resort


On the deck at our Resort

We did pretty much the same thing as the previous day, except that night we went to an actual club. All of the places on the island are pretty small in general. The club we went to had the capacity for many 30-40 people. We had a nice time, but it seemed like EVERYONE there smoked, so after a while it was too much for us, so we left.

Even though the nightlife was a lot of fun in Mykonos, we definitely would like to go back during the peak season to see the differences on the island. From all accounts, it is the place to be, and a lot of fun. We experienced this, but at a minimal level compared to how we have heard it is.


The next day was Easter, which we found out, is a HUGE deal there in Greece. It was incredible to see the various celebrations, and to see how this culture celebrated Easter. We truly felt so blessed to be able to witness it.

Easter in Greece!


Our next stop was Athens, Greece. We arrived pretty late in the evening, so we didn’t do much. My hubby headed out to explore, but I stayed behind, and relaxed in the room. We stayed at Royal Olympic Hotel ($89). The next day we had a beautiful brunch on the rooftop of our hotel. We could see the Acropolis clearly right from the rooftop. The hotel had incredible views, and the breakfast was delicious.

View of the Acropolis from the breakfast table at our hotel
Relaxing at the Pool in Athens

We ventured out to explore some of the ancient ruins. We paid a few Euros each to enter the park. To be honest, it was cool to see the ruins, and battle sites, but there wasn’t much to them. If you ever visit Athens, I wouldn’t stay more than 2 days max. You can see pretty much everything, and get a good feel of it in just a couple days.


We had a really nice lunch in the city. It actually reminded us a lot of Italy, with the cobblestone walkways, cute boutiques, and cafes. We ate gelato at the cutest gelato place I have ever seen.  You could tell that the owner really took her time in decorating the shop. It smelled heavenly inside, and even had a running chocolate fountain!


After our lunch, and gelato we walked around a little more, then hopped on the plane to fly to Amsterdam ($10 flight). We arrived in Amsterdam later that evening, and checked into our hotel. It was pretty chilly in Amsterdam, so I took a long hot bath (at last, as none of our hotels in Greece had bathtubs, and I love my baths), ordered room service, and snuggled under the plush covers.  My husband LOVES Amsterdam, so while I relaxed in the room, he ventured out solo.

The next morning, it was time to head back home.  We hopped on a flight back home to the US, happy, sleepy, and excited for the next time we will visit Greece!

Check out our Vlog of the trip here:

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